The poem collection is Havasupai Tribe, living at the bottom of Grand Canyon. “Havasupai”, in their own language it is “Havasu Baaja”, that means “People of the Blue Green Water”, because the waterfalls and rivers are turquoise, colored by the minerals in the ground. The tribe is about 450 people living there permanent. But what struck me is they have married ancient and modern living successfully, and their eyes are so full of life. Not only the blue green water is beautiful, in Havasupai Garden of “Eden”, but the people there are beautiful souls as well. That has inspired me a lot. Thanks Havasu Baaja.

“Through The Ghost Dance”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


I give you my heart Havasu Baaja.
That for sure I do.
Trust the sun.
My words whisper in the wind,
And tell your souls,
To be sharp, light and free,
Like an eagle.
I hope my bird words touch you.
I defend you against the wicked ways,
Of the world.
Raise your heads, raise your souls.
Your ancestors say,
We will come back,
Through The Ghost Dance.


“It Feels Like”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


It feels like I got,
Blue-green water in my soul.
It feels like I am at home,
That I have reached my goal.
I have a feeling,
I will try to describe.
It is like eternal home coming,
To The Havasu Baaja Tribe.
I know this sounds strange to you,
But don’t we all live under the strange sun?
This feeling I got,
Strange it is,
I do know where it came from…..
Havasu Baaja.


“Vision of Havasu Baaja”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


I have a vision,
Of Havasu Baaja.
Though I will never be with you,
With my physical being,
I am with you in spirit.
My heart feels what you do feel.
I am with you,
Forever is the only way to be.
You are forever,
In a brief moment,
Of time at Mother Earth.
I have words,
For you.
I got birds,
For the sky so blue.
My vision of Havasu Baaja.


“Havasupai Understand”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


People of the blue-green water,
Got blue-green unique water,
In their souls.
You understand,
That there are drums beyond the mountains.
You understand the world,
Is two worlds existing at the same time.
The spirit† and the body.
You are aware of that,
With mind, heart and spirit.
Therefore you understand my universal message,
Of the poetry in life.
You understand the unspoken.
You know what is said,
By Mother Earth.
You know the language,
Of the blue-green water,
Therefore you are Havasu Baaja.
And forever you will be,
Because you feel eternity in life at Mother Earth.


“Havasupai Ram Dance”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


Your tribe is dancing the Ram Dance,
I take the risk to dive into the mystery,
Of the secret sacred Havasu Baaja spirit.
I leave the present world,
And go into the trance,
Of the Ram Dance.
The ancient voice of harmony,
Calms my faith in fate.
The echoes of ancestors,
Dancing the Ram Dance,
Give courage and hope,
For the future Havasu Baaja.


“Natural Child of God”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


Havasu Baaja,
Are natural children,
Of The Creator.
You do not wear a mask,
At your spirit-face.
Your spirit-face is not part,
Of a masquerade.
You let, sun, rain and wind,
Touch your spirit-faces.
You cannot feel the elements,
Of the spirit-faces with masks,
You know that Havasu Baaja.
You do not act,
That is a fact.
You are real.
Havasu Baaja,
Are the true natural children,
Of The Creator.


“A Poem Only For You”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


This, Havasu Baaja,
Is a poem, only for you.
Look at the Eagle,
In the sky so blue.

He flies, and guards,
Your ways of living.
And an eagle’s awareness,
To you he is giving.

He knows Havasu Baaja,
His precious home.
He is flying above you,
So you do not feel alone.

The eagle knows,
That you got his view.
Because Havasu Baaja flies,
With the eagle, up in the blue.


“You Have”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


You have understood,
That life is Eden.

You have understood it all.

The most important,
You do understand.

You do not only see the sun,
You feel the sun with your souls,
That you are close to the sun, our friend in the sky.

Like I do too.

In my youth I felt the stars,
In the night sky.
As a grown up,
I feel the sun.

Teach the world,
The sun is a friend.

Teach the world,
The world will never end.

I just add some thoughts to your vision,
My humble words.

I am yours Havasu Baaja,
My forever people.

You do understand my every word,
You are my world.

I am not alone anymore.

Thanks… forever and more.


“Ways of Havasu Baaja”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


You find the feeling,
In every tree.
Words of the wind,
Set you free.

Ways of Havasu Baaja,
Are to harvest the air
And know the answers,
In your moments of here.

The Spirit of The Grand Canyon,
You feel, and see.
It is treasured within,
Your ways to be.

The Spirits of,
The Blue Green water.
Enrich Havasu Baaja,
Every son and daughter.

Your ways do write history,
In your day to day lives.
Joy flowing easily,
And accepting your strives..

Life can also be hardship,
But you enjoy every song.
Of the eternal water,
where your ancestors roam.


“Tell All The People About Havasu Baaja”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


Tell all the people about Havasu Baaja,
You are the ones.
You will share secrets,
About the Moons and The Suns.

But the outside world,
Can be a threat.
But you stay strong in your vision,
Your fate is set.

You are meant,
To grow out of the valley.
And your love will spread,
To every city and alley.

Your tales of the old,
are not myths, but true.
The old will grow,
And marry the new.

Spreading harmony,
Is the way of your tribe.
A loving sigh of relief,
No longer to strive.

Tell all the people about Havasu Baaja.


“I Love You The Best”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


I love you the best.
I got a feeling in my chest.
Like a sun that rises in the west.
The sun rises,
In Supai Village.
In the west.

The eagle will tell you tales,
The eagle is the morning breeze,
That sweeps over Grand Canyon,
This breeze is the father of all,
Father Sky,
Married to Mother Earth.

They unite.

Their children are called,
“The Eternal Havasu Baaja”.

The eagle in the sky of my heart,
Told me so.

The eagle guards Grand Canyon.

The eagle of words, has awoken.

To fly, to never die,
As eternity in words,
Of the past,
Finally got manifested,
in man.

Havasu Baaja,
The tales were true,
About you.

Just listen to the words,
Of the eagle,
In the Indian Summer sky,
So blue.


“Daughters of the Moon,
Sons of The Sun”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


The Moon and The Sun,
Once became one,
Had children of love,
That did become.

Havasu Baaja’s,
Daughters of The Moon,
And Sons of The Sun.

Unity of these two powers,
In the sky.

Brought spirit children,
>From the souls,
Of The Moon and The Sun.

You live, you have always lived,
With an ancient vision,
That The Sun rises,
One eternal day,
In the future,
For all to see.

Maybe just a dream,
But dreams sometimes tend,
To become real.

I believe,
Havasu Baaja do believe it too.

They know the sacred secrets,
Of The Moon and The Sun.


“An Ancient Havasu Baaja”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


An ancient Havasu Baaja,
Woke up to the sound of running water,
Smiled to his wife, son and daughter.
He said, wife,
This is life,
The feather in my heart,
Told me so,
In ways of the silent sound,
Of eternity,
That speaks to us all.
Havasy Baaja.



By Robert Moritz-Olsen


You are the most,
Beautiful to me.
I did not not know,
What came to be.
I love Havasu Baaja,
My distant tribe.
So beautiful you are,
That I cannot describe,
With my poet’s words.
Only the birds,
Can describe.
And the bird wrote me a letter, in the sky,
That my tribe, will thrive, and never die.
I am yours.


“In The Hands of The Creator”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


Grand Canyon is shaped like the two hands of The Creator,
That are holding Havasu Baaja,
In a gentle and caring safe state of a thrillful sigh,
Of love.
Grand Canyon shows the rest of the world,
If you rest in the hands of The Creator,
You are divine,
Like Havasu Baaja.


“Havasupai Garden of Eden”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


In The Havasupai Garden of Eden,
The Creator lives with you,
In all there is.
The spirit of the wind,
You feel.
The spirit of the sun,
You kneel.
The spirit of the tribe,
You heal.
That is meant to be,
You live in the right way.
May The Creator bless you,
Forever and more.



By Robert Moritz-Olsen


When Havasupai Garden of Eden,
Strikes my eyes,
I am struck by beauty,
That never dies.
This beauty is something,
That goes beyond.
Not only physical connection,
In the soul it bonds.
I do understand,
Why Havasu Baaja are unique.
It is because this stunning beauty,
Of The Creator’s Eden,
The vision of eyes into a vision of soul,
A mission of explaining,
To others,
What your people feel.
I have fallen flat,
For your divine feet.
Feel my words,
In your every heartbeat.
This is something new,
Never seen, heard or felt before.
I think Havasu Baaja,
Are the pioneers of making the body of mankind,
To gain his spirit.
In every possible way there is.
Modern Indians,
Back to Eden,
With the experiences,
Mankind has gained.
The Creator has blessed you,
To bless us.
Thank you Havasu Baaja.


“The Great Spirit”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


You have deep contact,
With The Great Spirit,
Of the Blue Green water,

You are one.

You nourish the nature,
And the nature nourish you.

You both need one another’s pure souls.

You got a holy connection,
That helps trees to bloom,
And feel you.

You bloom because of this connection,
As Havasu Baaja say,
All is one.

You have understood The Creator,
The Great Spirit is in all.

All is one,
Trees are people,
People are trees.

You protect this divine connection,
So do I.


“I See The Ram Dance”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


I see the Ram Dance,
And I feel it.

My spirit connects,
With the sound of the chanting,
And the heartbeat drum,
Of the vision of the Ram.

I wonder, I am puzzled,
How I transform,
Into nature,
Because of the sound,
And vision of The Ram Dance.

I will listen to the Ram Dance,
For eternity,
It is from eternity,
The Ram Dance comes from.


“In My Heart”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


You are in my heart,
In my every day.
You are in my thoughts,
When I pray.

You are in my soul,
When I feel the sun.
Havasupai Garden of Eden,
Is a Kingdom that has come,
to be….forever.

Thanks to you all:)
Dear Havasu Baaja:)



By Robert Moritz-Olsen


When I hear the singing water,
I think of you.
Havasu Baaja,
The Green and The Blue.

When I hear a flute,
I think of you.
A dawning morning,
The days of the new.

When I hear women laughing,
I think of you.
The love of The Indians,
Which will one day come true.

When I see The Sun,
I think of you.
That Mother Earth,
is Green and Blue,
Like you.


“Lesson of Havasupai”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


You are the sacred people,
Of The Blue Green Water.

You got a lesson,
For the people,
Of The Blue Green Planet.

That is to teach your children,
To listen to the elders.

The elders know which fruits,
To eat.

The elders know which trails,
That are safe and prosperous.

The elders know the ways,
Of love.

That is the main lesson to learn,
Where it all starts.

The elders are the most important,
Remember all came from them.
All starts with the elders.

Havasu Baaja know that.

That is the universal lesson,
Of Havasupai.


“Heart of Supai”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


I would thrive,
In the heart of Supai.
I’m just like them,
I’m a happy guy.

I would grab a burger,
Wear my hat.
Ask the Havasupai,
What about that?

It is cool to hang out,
With you in my dreams.
And take a bath in the river,
Feel the blue green streams.

I would live my life,
As it should be.
Like a modern Indian,
In a vision I see.

I would greet the elders,
The wisdom of all.
Life is an Indian Summer,
Moments rise and fall.

This is a dream,
Of an ordinary guy.
To grab a burger,
In the heart of Supai.


“Mild Child”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


You are the mild child,
Of The Creator.

You live in harmony,
With inner and outer nature.

You grow up under The Sun,
And rest under The Moon.

Each day for something new,
To be breathed.

You breathe life in,
And breathe gratitude of life out.

See this mild child,
At the bottom of Grand Canyon,
But at the top of The Creator’s world.

That is were you are,
Dear Havasu Baaja.

You feel all I see,
You are blessed.



By Robert Moritz-Olsen


It is sad I am too sick,
Even to come and take helicopter,
for seven minutes,
Flying eight miles.
So I could hang out,
With Havasu Baaja,
And see your smiles.
But my words,
Travel faster than the birds,
So the letters fly and reach you,
And you feel my love,
And presence.



By Robert Moritz-Olsen


All will spring out of,
Havasupai Garden of Eden.
Your teachings will once teach the whole world.
That is my vision.
I fight for the clean water,
Of yours.
I fight for you way of loving and living.
This fight comes not from me,
But from my soul,
Which is alive inside in all of you.
I have seen the future,
I see the dawn.
It might just be a poetic dream,
But all knows that dreams can come true.


“Beautiful Havasu Baaja”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


All I want,
To say to you.
Beaitiful Havasu Baaja,
You are so true.
I see you smile,
So genuine.
You are real,
Not a distant dream.
Supai Village,
You got a heart.
Being loving,
Is your art.
An Oasis,
Like a Paradise.
The Creator made you,
Strong, true and wise.
You have gone,
Beyond all times.
You touch The Creator,
With you Holy songs,
And rhymes.


“For You”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


The wind,
Is more than only wind,
For you.
The sky is more,
Than only blue,
For you.
The water,
Is more than only water,
For you.
The sun,
Is more than only light,
For you.
Something larger than life,
Havasu Baaja do see.
You know how to be.


“The Day”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


The day the world,
Got an eye,
At Havasupai,
Do not worry.

You are poets of life,
Tell the tales of the old,
The bold fighters of Havasupai Garden of Eden.

You were removed,
But you came back,
And now you roots grow deeper,
And the tree grows higher,
And touches The Creator,
In the sky.

And that strong tree,
Carries the fruit of wisdom,
And God Bless,
Finally healing,
We all should learn from.

Your wisdom is divine,
I see the soul of thine.

Havasu Baaja,
The most beautiful words of them all,
You call the people of the world,
To seize the day.

Remember the sun is not forever,
But the soul is,
I tell you this,
Let the sun give you a kiss,
The one you all did miss,
For centuries.

Dawn is here,
Yawn and step out in the sun,
And hear the songs of the birds,
Of Supai Village,
In the Havasupai Garden of Eden.


“Youth of Havasupai”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


Youth of Havasupai,
Do not be afraid,
of being Havasu Baaja.

Look at your grand parents,
And listen.

Because they will teach you,
How to walk the magic trails,
Of the inner and outer life.


“Dear Burro”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


Dear Burro,
You had to leave,
Your Eden,
You were forced,
Burro, to leave and grieve
You died of sorrow,
Dear Burro.

But your heart beats,
In the rhythm of the movements,
Your songs in The Blue Green water are alive.

The Havasu Baaja,
Still hear your voice,
In the water,
You sing,
And it does bring,
Like a spring,
New spirit,
>From the old people to the new,
The descendants of The ancient Havasu Baaja.

Ancestors have survived,
And give life to their sons and daughters,
>From the sacred songs of The Blue Green Waters.

The Blue Green Water has a voice.

The voice of Dear Burro.



By Robert Moritz-Olsen


You are the only ones,
That understand my words.
You are the only ones,
That understand the birds.
You are the only ones,
That feel the Havasu Falls.
You are the only ones,
That listen when the eagle calls,
For awakening.

You are awake,
Like the eagle that guards you                  Havasu Baaja.


“In The Sacred Blue Green Water”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


You do not only see,
The Havasu Falls,
You feel them too.

The spirits,
Of ancestors,
Sing songs only
Havasu Baaja can hear.

Thousands Indian Summers
Sing for you,
Every time,
You speak to the Blue Green water,
With your souls.

The songs reminds you of the old,
You are bold to embrace,
The ancient Havasu Baaja.

Forever they sing,
Forever you will live.

That is written,
In the sacred Blue Green Water.

I honor you Havasu Baaja,
Because you understand,
What is to be understood

Wisdom of your tribe,
Will pass on,
Through generations,
Until the end of time.


Havasu Baaja,
That is what you are,
I heard in a star.

The Sun.



By Robert Moritz-Olsen


If you ever get sad,
Havasu Baaja,
Know that I see you,
You feel that in these words.

I do not know you,
But at the same time,
I feel you are close to my soul,
Therefore I know you.

The wind told me,
To tell you this,
I will give you a loving kiss,
You might do miss.

I am here,
For you, my people of heart,
With my persona and art.



“The Sun Flower Power”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


Havasu Baaja is brought up,
In the Sun Flower Power.

You got the destined force,
And the source,
Of the one and only,
The Sun.

The Sun got grace,
And he embraces,
The Children,
Of The Sun Flower Power.

He guides you into,
The stardom of eternal stars,
In the night sky.

Dawn comes,
Sooner than expected,
And all the stars,
Are called to be one,
As The Sun.

Many small,
Grow into unity,
Of the power,
Of The Sun Power Flower.

Havasu Baaja got these flowers,
To forever to be.

All people become eternal love.


“I Am Havasupai”

By Robert Moritz-Olsen


I am Havasupai,
That is what I dream to be.
Be a part of your book,
That came to be.

I adore your eyes, they are so alive.

Eyes never lie.
I feel a sigh,
And think, I am not alone,
At Mother Earth,

Because you might,
Let me say one day.

“I Am Havasupai”.


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