About this Website

We are a “contribute” band, that is to say, we try to contribute something to the vision of The Doors’ and Jim Morrison’s lyrics, both in poetry, songs and acoustic. We are more or a less a project… Once in a while we do play together, but because of my physical health we do not tour or play gigs. Hopefully someday we will play some gigs with poetry, music of The Doors’, acoustic, and our own original material when my voice gets better. It may take some time, therefore we will be just a “project” in the meantime.

Robert Moritz-Olsen (lead singer, guitar, and sometimes rhythm)
Born 1971. Started the Max Uflax band in 1989. Then came down with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) in 1990. This brought a swift end to our band. However every once in a while, we still do some recordings in studio and I have recorded a few Doors myself songs over the last many years. My physical problems created anxiety and it has been a long recovery process lasting years. Now things are OK, but still I have tough times, but focusing on poetry and music helps me get through it all.

Some say my vocals sound like Jim Morrison, but with a hard rock edge. I injured on my voice, so I sing mostly ballads, and have to nail the vocal on the first take. I also injured my hands, so what you hear on the mp3’s is as it would sound live. I sing and play a song each day. I also like to make the vocal on the day I record guitar as to get the vibe of the whole song at once. Every day I do several relaxation techniques and meditations taught to me by several different song teachers. Hopefully my voice will heal in the coming years, so I can play live again. Time will tell…

*Simon Sigurdson (guitarist)
Simon plays in a Led Zeppelin tribute band called Gentle Groove. He has a very unique sound in his guitar playing. He plays very physical yet with technique and lots of feeling. I liken his playing to Jimmy Page or Bert Jansch. If I had to describe his unique style, I would say he is a sober hippie guitarist. His playing makes me envision an eagle sweeping close to the ground, like a stellar fighter. He’s got punch and a groovy style. Simon also performs instrumental songs in the sixties style. He writes his own arrangements which are full of surprises! I predict that someday he will released on a record label. In the meantime, please check out his website at:
…and some of Simon’s songs can be heard at:

*Thomas Edlund (percussionist)
Thomas played drums in my old band, Max Uflax. He can play anything on drums, and jambe, and bongo. He is amazing! He is inspired by Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bohnam and Stephen Perkins from Jane’s Addiction. He is a very creative guy who’s got the groove and feeling to do it up right.

About Poetry In General

To me poems and songs, have given me a lot of wisdom. I love Arthur Rimbaud, William Blake, William Shakespeare, Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, Bono, Pink Floyd, Jack Kerouac, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Perry Farrell, Anthony Kiedis, Axl Rose, Robert Plant, David Lee Roth, Leonard Cohen, Sir Mick Jagger, Buffy Sainte-Marie,Yoko Ono, Allen Ginsberg, Amiri Baraka, Patti Smith, and Fred Chandler. To me poetry can give freedom to one in the dream world, or can be a guide to the real world. Poetry is fantasy, dreams, and the real deal! I wrote the following poem about Jim Morrison which explains how poets are contributors with wisdom of life.

“Your sneaky rhymes,
Did make us think.
Poets too,
Can be your shrink”.


About my written poetry

*All God’s Children Are Lost And Insane:
This poem is inspired by ‘The End’ by The Doors. We MUST forgive and start anew, because we all have been hurt by a crazy world. We are not victims of each other, but victims because the crazy world goes on producing Evil people in a collective way. We MUST break the circle, as good as you can, be aware, leave the individual and collective past behind, blame unawareness, not each other. Amen.

*All Hatred, Is Self Hatred:
The poem is my thoughts about hatred, if you’re full of love, and have respect for your body, mind and soul, would you hate your sisters and brothers then?

*All you Adams, All you Eves:
I used the fig leaves metaphor from The Garden of Eden, that we put the fig leaves in front our hearts, cause we are shy and afraid to show our naked souls. Most people hide and do not dare to show their hearts, behind the fig leaves. If you take it away you get a naked soul, that we all must do, to get back to Eden and reach Heaven in our hearts. Naked souls, give you naked truth of God, Jesus and Eden..

*An Ancient Door:
This was inspired by William Blake’s type of Christianity, trying to understand the inner and how to reach the outer. It also is inspired by The Garden of Eden story in the Bible and by Jim Morrison’s poetry and sayings. It is also inspired by Christianity.

*An African Prayer:
Jim Morrison said for years he would like to go to Africa and returning after several years named ‘Mr. Mojo Risin’ (an anagram of his name). This poem collection is inspired by the master keyboard player in The Doors Ray Manzarek, who wrote the book, “The Poet In Exile”. I have never read the book. But got inspired by the fictional idea of the story. A myth about Morrison that has been going on since his death in 1971. The myth says Jim left life as a superstar and went to live with a tribe in Africa. My poem collection An African Prayer, is maybe what Jim Morrison in this fictional situation might think and feel as he makes the decision to come back to Los Angeles, after years of living and learning about native life in an African tribe.

*Arthur Jimbaud:
The lyrics here show the flowing wisdom and how it feels to be an alienated poet in a world of blindness. These are poems about Jim Morrison, Arthur Rimbaud and me.

*Be A Little Bit Like Jesus’:
If we love our enemies and do not judge them, but forgive them instead; Life will happen on Mother Earth, and death will disappear. Preachers tend to only praise Jesus’ Name, but do their best to avoid his words because it strikes a nerve in the soul. If they preached his words, there would be peace on Earth, and Earth would become an Eden.

*Chief Mojo Risin’:
These poems are thoughts about Jim Morrison’s last days in life; leaving Los Angeles, traveling to Paris, and the dreams & visions he had about his poetry. Jim thought his poetry would change the world. Like friend and manager Danny Sugerman said, “Jim wanted people to pay attention of his lyrics.” These poems are inspired by The Doors DVD’s and stories about Jim Morrison. Jim Morrison was a visionary of poetry. This poetry is my interpretation that explains the dreams of life and death, and visions of a world of peace. These topics were a red thread that ran through all his poetry. Jim Morrison died in Paris 3rd of July 1971. He is buried at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris amongst other great artists.

*City of Night (L.A: Woman):
My second beat poetry attempt about Los Angeles. Here I try to tune into the vibes of L.A. and its inner core of being. A city with a lot of hope and freedom, but also a city that has lost a lot, too.

*Cool To Be Son of The Sun:
This is a poem about trying to live by Jesus’ ideals; we can never be like him, but we all can be a Daughter of The Moon, and a Son of the Sun, being pretty good, nice human beings as we try to sin less, and have reverence for God and his word.

*The Day You Open The Door:
“The Day You Open The Door” is about the awakening of your heart, a natural form for meditation. The moment you fall flat for Eden, something will happen in your heart, and you will bloom and feel the divine. Wake up a thousand times, for Eden. That was the main message of Jim Morrison, as well as my message.

*Do A Little Bit Like Jesus:
If we all did a little bit like Jesus it would help a lot. Just a small change of heart, can make a great Heavenly impact in the world.

*The Doors of Perception, Myth & The Poetic Key:
This is some old stuff mixed with new. It was inspired by Greek Mythology and some old poems. It was written many years ago and has stood the test of time. The Doors of Perception is a poem inspired by William Blake’s quote: “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite”. The Doors of Perception poem is about waking up the sober enjoyment of love, and opening the heart to life.

*The Door Poem:
This poem is about being aware and blooming through being aware.

*The Door Within:
The Door Within These poems were inspired by the saying of William Blake: “If the doors of perception are cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

*Dream of Buffy Sainte-Marie:
This is a story poem I wanted to share about a woman growing up in a North American Native Indian tribe. I tuned into what became a story about Buffy Sainte-Marie or someone just like her who lived in the distant past, or possibly in a fantasy future where she grew up from childhood to an old woman. Buffy Sainte-Marie, is also singing and writing about Native American Indians like Jim Morrison several times did.

*Each Day An Indian Summer:
The secret and truth lie in the hearts of our fellow brothers and sisters. The moment you dive into others people’s hearts, you dive into the bliss of yourself. The answer? Be a Modern Indian. The poem is also a tribute to old people who should be in the spotlight because of their wisdom, and not be stored away.

*The Eden Groove:
At the moment you see life as Eden, you will bloom into Eden with your feelings, and you end up sober but drunk.

*Everybody Is Afraid of One Another:
This poem is about Jim Morrison’s lyrics in The Doors’ song, “Hyacinth House”. It says that we basically fear one another, and don’t dare to share feelings with each other.

*Everybody Knows About Jesus….Beware:
This poem acknowledges that all people in the world now know about Jesus, and right or wrong, they can’t lie about that. They know what they are doing, therefore thy will be judged to Heaven or Hell, forever, at their deathbed. So, come to Jesus and his Gospel.

*First Flash of Eden:
This is a poem collection about the biblical vision of Eden. Leaving Eden and returning thousands of years later from the lost world outside. This collection was inspired by The Doors’ song Waiting For The Sun, from the Morrison Hotel album which was released in 1970. This song is also about Eden.

*Ghost Songs:
This poem collection is inspired by The Doors’ 1978 record album that came out seven years after Jim Morrison’s death in 1971. It is a poetry album of music set to Jim Morrison’s words, called An American Prayer. Through his poetry, Morrison talks about Native American Indians and their natural spiritual way of living. My poem collection, is also about living close to nature and oneselves, like the Native American Indians did. I wrote the poem collection while listening to An American Prayer.

*Hollywood Bungalove:
These poems are inspired by the song L.A. Woman from The Doors’ album of the same name. In this song, Jim mentions a “Hollywood Bungalow”, which inspired me to title these poems, “Hollywood Bungalove”. They are about Hollywood and its undiscovered beauty.

*Hyacinth Houses:
Back in 1990-91, I was in Follo Folkehøgskole People Highschool. I learned that you do not have to travel to travel. The magic is in the air when you get to know people under the surface, If you get close to people in tribal living, you find the divine gold, and you wake up with your feelings, and get kicks out of just being social, traveling without going anywhere. The sacred secret lies in the neighborhood, tribal living, not on the other side of the planet. Just be where you are, and you will feel what you see.

*I Am a Guide Out of The Labyrinth:
‘I am the guide out of the labyrinth’ was inspired by the title of the new Jim Morrison’s book, ‘A Guide to the Labyrinth’, which I can’t afford. My poem says we all can be happy in a blink of an eye, that life is not complicated when you open your heart, to God, Jesus and Eden. If you look at Mother Earth as God’s Garden of Eden with your heart, you will bloom quickly. And if we all did it, you all will discover the labyrinth myth is an illusion.

*If You Got IQ To Open Doors:
The poem speaks for itself…

*If You Want To Open The Door:
This poem is purely psychological; if you really want to clean up the mess that blocks the doors to your heart, the same Doors of Perception that Jim Morrison, William Blake and Aldous Huxley talk about, is the way! But you have to face the insane traumas, that we all have in our subconsciousness… because we are all messed up in this crazy world.
Just watch the dark traumas without fear in your subconsciousness and you will heal, and clean up the mess that blocks the ability to feel the eternal kick that are within us all…the soul. Light is stronger than darkness, because when light exists, darkness does not. Put a light at the demons, and they will burn away.

*I’m Blessed With Eden:
“I’m Blessed With Eden” This poem is about feeling life, the pure drug of life that we all got inside of us, but the scary world has shut it down. Discover Eden again and be reborn! You will feel your soul. Very much like the movie “Avatar”. I have been in a similar state, that’s why I cope with it all. I have felt the divine, and that is all you need.

*Indian Summer:
This is my philanthropic view on the possibilities of mankind. One foot in The Garden and one foot in the modern world. Living true to our inner and the outer nature. Flowers are wild, flowers are mild. About the true us. Title inspired by The Doors’ song Indian Summer.

*Is Everybody In?:
The title of this poem collection is taken from the first line of The Doors’ An American Prayer album released in 1978. The poems are inspired by An American Prayer’s poems about Native American Indians and by Jim Morrison’s life on stage, his persona, his life, and his life with The Doors. I’ve tried to add something to his message in these poems by commenting on some of his ideas which I feel are in his poetry.

*Is The West The Best?:
This poem is inspired by The Doors’ ‘The End’. What puzzles me the most is how freedom in the West is just a word, but not a bird. We in the West find flaws on each others, and think we are all perfect, never looking at ourselves. And that is the answer; when we understand ourselves, we understand others.

*It Is A Good Day To Die:
All old people should die with the sound of their great grandchildren in their ears. It should not be like what the “so-called” civilized world does to our elders by letting them stare alone at white walls in the nursing homes.
People don’t want to die in a nursing home! We should take care of our weak and old, like the Indians did. People don’t have the perspective anymore, that they themselves will be weak and old one day; Instead they have the perspective of an animal, not thinking about tomorrow or eternity. We should honor our elders; someday we all will be old. Perhaps at this time, our perspective will change?

The title of this poem is from The Doors’ song, ‘When the music’s over’ and the content of the poem is inspired of The Doors’ song, ‘The End. What I try to say here is that unconditional love of the words of Jesus is needed. You don’t have to be religious, listen to the love of his words. Read his words with an open your heart. No matter what you say he was the kindest man ever, and therefore you should take note of his words, and step out of the blues of the society, and go for the blue sky instead. Blue sky is better than the bus we all sit on in sad misery. Meet me back of the blue bus.

*Jesus’ Visit:
This poem is inspired by the Book of Mormon; they believe that Jesus anciently came to the Native American Indians and taught them about Eden, a lifestyle the Natives, were slaughtered for.

*Jim Morrison Is A Preacher, Bob Dylan Is A Teacher:
This a tribute to the wisdom of Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan; “Please, please, listen to them, God’s Children, you are the ones who will rule the world.”

*Knocking on Heaven’s Door:
This poem is inspired by Jim Morrison’s urge to make us wake up a thousand times and breathe life. To be aware, and love. Eternity can blink in every moment, that is The Doors’ true vision.

This title of poem is from a line in The Doors’ song The Soft Parade. It’s about God seeing your heart, not your bribing words. So, beware; There is hope! come to Jesus. beat poetry written with a small touch of social anthropology. It’s basically me tuning into the songs on The Doors’ L.A. Woman album. I think you’ll like my writing which compliments the lyrics on the album with a small touch of myself in it. As Jim Morrison said, “…Real poetry doesn’t say anything; it just ticks off the possibilities and opens all doors. You can walk through anyone that suits you”.

*The Last Adam:
This poem is, of course, inspired by The Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. The thunderstorm idea I have in this poem is from a photo of Jim Morrison Young Lion photo I have, that Jim is in the middle of a cleansing thunderstorm, which he also refers to in The Doors’ The End’, “all the [God’s] children are insane, waiting for the summer rain.

*Los Angeles:
These poems were written while listening to Michael C. Ford’s poetry album, “Look Each Other In The Ears”. This album contains the last time that Ray, Robby and John cooperated together for a common cause, before Ray Manzarek passed away. In my poem collection I write about the art and heart groove of Los Angeles. It is a tribute to poets, inspired by The Doors, such as Fred Chandler and Michael C. Ford. Michael C. Ford’s website is www.michaelcford.com. There are several places about The Doors and how The Doors inspired the culture of L.A and life in L.A.

*The Marriage of Heaven and Hell:
The title is inspired by William Blake’s poem with same title. The poem is about how during the path of life we can focus on Heaven or Hell. It is a poem about positivity, though life can sometimes be hard.

*More, More, More:
This poem is inspired by the incident in Oliver Stone’s “The Doors” movie, where Jim Morrison is walking down the Sunset Strip and jumps in front of a car screaming “How many of you people know you are alive?”

*The Most Blasting Eden I’ve Ever Known:
This poem was inspired by The Doors’ song ‘Waiting For The Sun’. Where they say ‘This is the strangest life I’ve ever known’ it brings me to an immense and extreme reverence for Eden, a miracle happened multiplied by millions. Life is blasting! We all see that, but when you approach it with your feelings, you will experience it’s a blasting Eden, thrillful.

*The Movie:
This poem is inspired of Jim Morrison’s poem The Movie from The Doors’ An American Prayer album, where he mentioned that all is fate on earth, and soul’s live and exist before and after life on earth; that we are just observing our lives and our fate; a life under the fate of God is the thing that inspired me to write this poem.

*The Movie Part 2:
This is another poem inspired by The Doors ‘The Movie’, from the ‘An American Prayer’ album. Life is nothing but fate; Spiritual freedom is only found in faith in God and Jesus, and treating earth as Eden!

*The Movie Part 3:
Even you act like Pinocchio, and cut your connection to God, you can’t escape the already written fate of your life. It has already been written by God. Life is nothing but a test, do the best you can, within the light of God. God works in mysterious ways.

*My Eden Is So Magic:
This poem is inspired by The Doors’ songs ‘Wild Child’ and ‘Waiting For The Sun’. The only way to enter Eden is to take off your iron mask, and let the sunlight of God embrace your cool face. Jim Morrison always said to be true and let others dare to be themselves. The poem also strives to say to not act natural, but to be natural. People just act and have the same lonely fear as The Doors sing in ‘Hyacinth House’. The message is to let the sunlight shine at the face of your soul, with a mask on, the sunlight doesn’t reach your face.

*Native American Chief:
To me, Jim Morrison was the first great poet who dared to take the role as a leader with his poetry. In this poem collection, I write about his leading role in his poetry, inspired by his vision of Native American Indians. He wanted all people to know and grow up with that tribal feeling that the Native American Indians had.

*A Native American Prayer:
Inspired by Jim Morrison’s poetry album with The Doors’ called ‘An American Prayer’ from 1978. I envision these poems to be a kind of a prayer for people who cherish native values of natural living.

*Nothing Can Replace A Fire (Nothing Replaces A Fire):
The title is taken from a saying in the Buffy Sainte-Marie DVD, called “Up Where We Belong.” She says, “Nothing can replace a fire”. To me that means there’s nothing like sitting around a bonfire, in nature, with that tribal feeling. This is something that many have forgotten as well live in our stressed modern world. The poems in this collection are inspired by the visionary Native American Indians and their way of life, as well as different quotes from Jim Morrison. I’ve tried to make this poetry collection as free flowing as is nature.

*The Only Mantra:
Jim Morrison said, “Expose yourself to your deepest fear, and your fear vanishes.” This saying of Morrison’s was my inspiration for this poem.

*The Only Mantra Part 2:
All problems are an attack on you. When you get fearful, that fear is nothing but fear of death. Stare the fear of death down with the light inside you… your soul. Amen.

*Pointing At The Doors:
This is my poetic commentary on some of my favorite Doors’ songs. It intends to show, at least try to my understanding of Morrison’s poetry.

*Roman Insanity:
This poem is inspired by The Doors ‘The End’, where he said, “lost in a Roman wilderness of pain, where all God’s children are insane, waiting for the summer rain”. Jesus warned us that greed and selfishness leads to pain, and wants us to avoid that pain. You have to go for Jesus; he was good and the wisest, therefore all should listen to him no matter religion beliefs.

*Runnin’ Blue:
The title is borrowed from Robby Krieger’s song “Runnin’ Blue” that appeared on The Doors’ Soft Parade album. The poems, same as the song, are words written about Los Angeles. I’ve tried to express what Jim Morrison would’ve thought about the city of Los Angeles and how the city and his art have influenced each other. L.A. is a cradle of all things good or bad. A city of contrasts, but very beautiful.

*The Second Coming:
This poem is inspired of Jim Morrison’s cry out for Jesus in the song When the musics over with The Doors, and Jim’s dream that a second coming of Jesus Christ will lead us to an easy Eden, which Jim Morrison wrote a lot about.

*Ship of Fools:
This poem was inspired by The Doors’ Ship of Fools song and that knowledge is destructive if we don’t teach our children wisdom. Knowledge is destructive if we don’t teach our children wisdom. I wrote this poem thinking bout my own experiences with the school systems, and the ambition race we learn from early on. No peace, only stress; stress is the main problem with everyone in our modern world, without it, we would have enormous potential! We have it all, but do not know to handle it, because of our lack of wisdom.

*Tell All The People:
Life is an enormous miracle that has happened here on our Mother Earth. All of us exist, and we all are born. Twice a lottery won. Approach this gift with your heart, and let the anxiety burn away that evil that the world has given you. You got a sun in your heart; make it grow….and you will understand Eden. Amen.

*Thank You O Lord:
This poem collection is inspired by a Jim Morrison poem called “Thank You O Lord“. This collection of my poetry was also inspired by modern, and ancient living of life, living hand in hand. Also inspired by The Bible, and Jesus Christ’s goodness. I refer to several other topics in this poem collection including Jim Morrison, and The Doors.

*The Trauma Tyrant:
All of the world’s people seem to be traumatized and the sick part is, they allow the traumas to rule over every one of their life choices. Break on through! Do it!

*Visions of America:
The title of this poem collection is taken from Jim Morrison’s poem called “As I Look Back”. My poems are visions of past and future inspired by Natives. They are also inspired by The Doors’ DVDs and my own vision that I have had many times about Natives, a free floating vision of America, what has been, what is, and what can be.

*Waiting For The Son:
This poem is inspired by the song of The Doors ‘Waiting For The Sun’. In that song Morrison sings that the sun will tell us what went wrong in the modern world. In this poem the focus is aiming for the right and not focus at the wrong and just leave it behind, just as night leaves at dawn.

*Waiting For The Sun:
This poem collection is inspired by a few poetic statements from The Doors’ songs. They are also inspired by the song Waiting For The Sun, from The Doors’ Morrison Hotel album. I write about knowing the unknown, and making it known. Finding joy inside us by living a happy sunny life under the scattered sun.

*Weird Stupid Scenes Inside the Goldmine:
This poem is about that you shall not dance around the golden cow, but around the bonfire, God’s sacred flame is the only true thing. The title of poem is inspired by the quote from The Doors ‘the end’.

*When The Doors Are Open:
These poems are about being close to oneself through spirituality, awareness, and a tribal feeling of life.

*When You’re Strange:
These poems are inspired by the song “People Are Strange”, on The Doors’ “Strange Days” album.

*Wild Child:
This is a poem collection inspired by The Doors’ song Wild Child statements of Jim Morrison from interviews. It is about freedom, the wild flower, and the kind of love we all have inside us.

*You Cannot Petition The Lord With Prayer:
This title of poem is from a line in The Doors’ song The Soft Parade. It’s about God seeing your heart, not your bribing words. So, beware; There is hope! come to Jesus.





About the songs on this website




The Universal Doors playing original songs:
The Universal Doors’ mostly
play their own original songs. Some are inspired by Jim Morrison or Fred Chandler as noted in the song notes below:

*The American Night
(Vocals: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
The lyrics were written by me about Jim Morrison as taken from The American Night poem collection. I added a few more verses and made a melody to suite the poet’s vision. It was written by Robert Moritz-Olsen w/ the first verse lyrics by Jim Morrison.

*Blue Sky of California
(Vocals, Tambourine, Rhythm Egg: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
This is a song written by me and inspired by The Doors’ L.A. Woman album. It’s a pure mixed jam of a song. No effects, just layers upon layers of instrumentals, ending up with a jam track.

*Double Cloud (Ode to Syd & Jim)
(Guitars, Vocals: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
Written by Robert Moritz-Olsen. A song about Syd Barrett and Jim Morrison. Two special souls. Recorded 2014.

*I Can’t Drag You Through The Doors
(Vocals, Guitars, Rhythm: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
This is written by Robert Moritz-Olsen and inspired by the Jim Morrison quote pertaining to knowing about your inner self and life, where he says he can open doors for people, but can’t drag them through those doors.

*I Got My Mojo Risin’
(Slideguitar, Vocals: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
A traditional blues song composition about fighting to get out of bad in the glad modus. An old faith/fate-fighter blues song, getting into the groove which has been inspired by the goodness of Jesus and God, which I referr to just as in the old tunes. Recorded August 2014.

*Last Tango in Paris
(Guitars, Vocals, Rhythm Egg, Guitar Bongo, Tambourine: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
Written, performed and recorded in July 2014 by Robert Moritz-Olsen. This song was inspired by The Doors unreleased song, Paris Blues that Jim wrote in 1971 as he headed off to Paris right before he left us on 3rd July 1971. It’s a blues waltz and the title was inspired by Marlon Brando’s, Last Tango In Paris, which was in the Paris cinemas in 1972.

*Mojo Blues
(Vocals: Robert Moritz-Olsen. Guitar: Simon Sigurdsson Hjelle)
This song was written by Robert Moritz-Olsen. It has classic “Doors meet Led Zeppelin” song lyrics! The arrangement was written by myself with help of Simon. It’s our song that has classic blues lines where I am yelling like Jim in some songs. Simon plays groovy Robert Johnson/Jimmy Page like guitar. This is a live version – we will record a studio version later.

*My Jesus
(Guitar, Vocals: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
A song written by Robert Moritz-Olsen and recorded live in his home about Jesus marrying Mary Magdalene in order to preserve his blood line, then having a child born out of this union. Probably inspired by Da Vinci code.

*Universal Minds
(Vocals, Guitar: Robert Moritz-Olsen. Percussion: Jan Rokne)
This song written by Robert Moritz-Olsen and is about Jim Morrison and Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd.

*Wind In Her Hair
(Guitar, Tambourine, Vocals: Robert Moritz-Olsen. Percussion: Thomas Edlund)
Music is written by Robert Moritz-Olsen, the first verse lyrics are by Fred Chandler, and the second verse is by Robert Moritz-Olsen. Jim Morrison explained one of his dreams to Danny Sugerman before he left L.A. for Paris. It was about a woman riding on a horse with wind in her hair. Danny Sugerman retold this dream to poet and artist Fred Chandler, which inspired him to write a poem. Bruce Botnick, producer & technician on the L.A. Woman album edited the poem into a song just as he used to do for Jim Morrison.

I wrote the second verse and made it into a song. Fred’s poetry led me into places of writing I have never been before and into the mystic vibes. I’ll always be grateful for the inspiration that Fred Chandler brought into my life. Thanks Fred!


The Universal Doors playing Doors’ songs

*A Little Game/The Hill Dwellers
(Vocals, all instruments: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
A short segment from Celebration of The Lizard song taken from The Doors’ In Concert album. Recorded in June 2014.

*Bird of Prey
(Vocals: Robert Moritz-Olsen. Written by Jim Morrison/Robert Moritz-Olsen/George Winston)
The structure of this Doors’ song is inspired by the great George Winston’s interpretation on piano. I added some more lines of lyrics to the song.

*Break On Through (To The Other Side)
(Vocals: Robert Moritz-Olsen. Guitar, Bass: Simon Sigurdson. Percussion/Rhythm: Thomas Edlund)
Recorded in 2002.

*Hyacinth House
(Vocals, Tambourine, Guitar Bongo, Guitars: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
Recorded Spring 2014.

*Indian Summer
(Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine, Guitar Bongo: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
Recorded in April 2014.

*L.A. Woman
(Guitars, Slide guitar, Tambourine, Guitar bongo, Vocals: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
This is the title song from The Doors’ last album recorded in 1971 while Jim Morrison was alive. Recorded in September 2014.

*Light My Fire
(Vocals, Tambourine: Robert Moritz-Olsen. Guitars: Simon Sigurdson)
Recorded in 2010.

*Maggie M’Gill
(Vocals, Guitar, Slide guitar, Rhythm Egg, Tambourine, Guitar Bongo: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
A blues song from The Doors’ Morrison Hotel album. Recorded in July/August 2014.

*Names of The Kingdom / The Palace of Exile
(Vocals, all instruments, poem: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
These are the last two tracks of “The Celebration of The Lizard” live borrowed from The Doors’ In Concert CD. Recorded in May 2014.

*Riders On The Storm
(Vocals, Guitars, Percussion, Rain Effect: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
This is my song about the L.A. Woman poem collection. Recorded in February 2014.

*Roadhouse Blues Jam
(Live Guitar, Vocals: Robert Moritz-Olsen)
A live jam, on the song Roadhouse Blues from The Doors’ Morrison Hotel album. This additional song melody line Jim Morrison used in Live in Vancouver BC, Canada live CD. Recorded August 2014.


Photo Credits

*Young Lion picture of me and the B&W welcome picture taken in the Winter of 1993: Kristine Aas Standal (billybonkers.no) © Robert Moritz-Olsen

*The Doors of Perception, Myth & The Poetic Key: Picture taken 2012 by Robert Moritz-Olsen

*L.A.W. (L.A. Woman): Picture taken by Andrew Kent

*Pointing at The Doors: Picture taken by Joel Brodsky

*Arthur Jimbaud drawing: Drawn by Robert Moritz-Olsen

*City of Night (L.A. Woman): Photography / visual effects: Wendell Hamick and design / album concept: Carl Cossick.

*An Ancient Door: Picture taken Fall 2013 by Robert Moritz-Olsen

*Layout for poem CD covers: demofabrikken.no


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